Surbhi Jyoti Advanced For Bigg Boss 14

We simply can’t deny the fact that every year we look forward to watching the most provocative and most quarrelsome house on TV. Yes you guessed it right. It’s a house of plan, plotting and nominations, the house of Bigg Boss. After a fantastic season 13, the authors and the fans are waiting for the 14 th term alike. Surbhi Jyoti Advanced For Bigg Boss 14
But COVID-19 has put a grip on to everything and the shoots are no exception. But according to a first portal, Bigg Boss makers have already started the groundwork. Actress, Surbhi Jyoti has also been approached for the show. This is not the first time that the actor has been approached for the show. The authors have been approaching Surbhi for many years but the actress has always set down the offer.
In a live session, Surbhi also admitted that she doesn’t think she can ever do a fact show because she doesn’t have the aggressive spirit. She also stated that the only thing she likes doing is acting.
Well, not that the proceedings have begun we will get back to finding out whos who is in the program of BIgg Boss this year.Surbhi Jyoti Advanced For Bigg Boss 14

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